How Can I Fix My Damaged Nails?

As a nail technician, Tabatha loves making guest’s nails look
beautiful on the outside, but also wants them to stay healthy. Doing
nails for 20 plus years, she has seen all types of nails and nail problems.

One of the most common issues she sees is delamination of the nail.
Delamination is the peeling and flaking off of layers of the nail plate. This can
be caused by improper removal of gel polish or nail enhancements,
or just normal wear-and-tear.

How can you fix delamination? In order to truly fix the problem,
you have to wait until your nails grow in healthy. If you don’t want to wait
for them to look better, there are products you can use to heal and protect your nails.
We recommend O.P.I.’s Nail Envy nail strengthener. It is formulated with wheat
protein and calcium to help resist peeling, cracking and splitting of the nails.
It can be used by itself or as a base coat under nail polish.

Another important factor for healthy nails is keeping your nails and
surrounding skin moisturized. When properly moisturized the nail plate remains
flexible as it grows, preventing splitting and peeling. Hand lotion alone may not be enough;
cuticle oil is an easy product to apply throughout the day. O.P.I.’s Avoplex Nail and
Cuticle Replenishing Oil is a Julia Grace favorite for keeping nails moisturized.
The key to using cuticle oil is reapplying it after washing your hands.

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