Why is My Hair Yellow?

Stylist Tracie answers one guest’s question about why her hair looks yellow.

There are many reasons for yellowing hair. It may be an age-related
pigment change, but it could also be due to multiple external influences.
Gray and white hair no longer contains the pigment that colors younger hair,
therefore it can pick up colors of foreign materials such as minerals in water or even
pollutants in the air. Smoking can cause both hair and nails to yellow. Yellowing
can also be due to residues from shampoos or other hair care products.
When hair has been lightened it can also have unwanted yellow/gold/brassy undertones.

It is recommended to use a clarifying shampoo, such as
Pureology’s Purify once a week to help remove residue. To further
help remove unwanted yellow tones you can use a violet-based shampoo.
Keune, Julia Grace’s color line has a shampoo called Silver Reflex that
can be used once a week and daily-use Platinum Blonde shampoo and conditioner.

If your hair is a very brassy color after lightening, a toner can be put
on the hair at the shampoo bowl to counteract the brassiness. If you feel
your color is too brassy shortly after a lightening service, give the salon a call
and ask to come in for a toner. The toner, along with use of a
violet-based shampoo will fix the problem.

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