Healthy, Easy-to-Work-With Smoothing Treatment: Brazilian Blowout

“Years ago, only one type of smoothing treatment was offered, and it was a permanent elixir filled with harsh chemicals that would ravage strands in the name of straightening,”
reports Beauty Launch Pad, a publication focusing on the hair industry.

These days, clients can choose their smoothing system based on ingredients including alpha hydroxyl acid, keratin and white henna. We have even seen one that boasts gluten-free ingredients!

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One system we enjoy using combines safe ingredients including Açai and a quick and easy application process. This system is the Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing Treatment.

Brazilian Blowout uses innovative and breakthrough bonding technologies to leave the hair smooth and frizz free. The health of the hair is actually improved through the creation of a protective layer of protein around the hair shaft, says the Brazilian Blowout Web site.

Long-time client Michelle says the system makes her hair feel incredibly soft and very healthy.

This 90 minute service leaves hair effortlessly manageable and reduces styling time drastically.
There is also no down-time for the client’s hair.

Previous smoothing systems required clients to wait several days before washing or styling.
The Brazilian Blowout allows clients to wash their hair as soon as they leave the salon.
Stylists can even curl their client’s hair before she leaves without hurting the integrity of the smoothing system.

Brazilian Blowout guarantees up to 12 weeks of smooth, frizz-free hair. Michelle says hers lasts three to four months depending on the season. She likes to get hers done every quarter to ensure year-long gorgeous hair.

Like all smoothing systems, the support line is essential for the longevity of the blowout.
Brazilian Blowout has an Açai anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner as well as a deep conditioning masque and a protective thermal smoothing balm. A volume shampoo and conditioner as well as a root lifter offer clients an extra boost of volume while extending the life of the blowout.

So who can benefit from a Brazilian Blowout? Anyone who has had issues with overly frizzy,
curly, unmanageable hair. If you are constantly battling your hair, using countless smoothing products and still ending up with frizz or wasting time flat ironing or round brushing for hours on end, this smoothing system is for you.

What about clients who get their hair colored? Can they get a blowout? Absolutely! Clients may even choose to have color done the same day. If the blowout is preformed first, there should be a two-week wait until the color service is performed.

Our stylists swear by the Brazilian Blowout. In fact, every stylist that performs this smoothing system gets it done on a regular basis.

Malinda Miller, an 18-year veteran in the field, says she gets it done to cut down on the frizz and styling time.

“I can wash, put in product, and air-dry my hair. Before I would have to always blow dry and flat iron it to get the results I wanted. My dry time is cut down 25% after I get the blowout done,” says Malinda.

Knowing what it does for her hair, Malinda recommends the Brazilian Blowout to all her clients that have issues with frizz. Michelle is also an advocate of the blowout.

“I would absolutely recommend it to friends,” says Michelle.  “Whenever someone says they like my hair I tell them about the Brazilian Blowout.”

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