Common Hair Myths

Your hair gets used to your shampoo, so change it frequently.

False. If you are using the right shampoo for your hair type, there is no need
to change shampoos frequently. If you experience build-up, you can use a clarifying shampoo
once a week. You may want to switch to a hydrating shampoo and conditioner
in the winter, as the cold dry air will suck moisture from your hair. Ask your
stylist what she would recommend for your hair type.

Getting your hair trimmed frequently helps it grow.

False. Getting your hair trimmed frequently makes your hair shorter frequently.
Your hair is going to grow at the same rate regardless of how often you cut it. What a regular
trim does is keep your hair healthy and reduce split ends and breakage. THAT will help your hair
grow longer, but it certainly doesn’t speed up the process.

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Going outside with wet hair will make you sick.

False. Sorry, mom, but this just isn’t true. If you already have a cold, you will just feel more
miserable, but it won’t be the culprit.

Rinsing with cold water seals the cuticle and makes hair shiny.

False. If I had a dime for every time a beauty magazine published this myth,
I would be rich. Did your stylist forget the most important thing she was taught in beauty
school? No, because they did not teach her this. The only thing a cold
rinse will do is wake you up to the truth.

Brush 100 strokes a night for healthy, shiny hair.

False. Brushing your hair is a good thing as it helps distribute the oils generated
at the scalp. Brushing that much will cause breakage; exactly what you don’t want. The key is
moderation and using the correct brush. Make sure you start at the ends to
remove any tangles so you aren’t tugging too much and causing breakage.

You can’t color your hair when you’re pregnant.

False. This might have been true when your mother was pregnant with you,
but not anymore. These days, hair color is made with healthier products. If you are nervous,
consult your doctor before scheduling a service. He may recommend waiting until after the first trimester.
One hair service you may want to skip until after you have your baby is a straightener or smoother.
Some of those products give off harmful fumes which could potentially harm your baby.

Dandruff comes from a dry scalp.

True-ish. While this is a cause, it’s not the only one. Psoriasis, oily scalp, eczema
and a fungus called Malassezia are also causes of dandruff.