Julia Grace Salon Enviromentally conscientious

Recycle bins

Ever wonder what those white bins are in our shampoo room and the salon floor?
Those bins are where we collect used foils, extra color and cut hair. Once they are full we send them out to Green Circle Salons, a company that helps recycle salon waste and make salons sustainable.

Green Circle Salon’s Business Development Educator Brandy Atkinson was interviewed by ProBeauty.Org about making salons sustainable.

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“Green Circle Salons provides green solutions to the North American salon and spa industry,” says Atkinson. “Our mission is to make this industry sustainable by 2020. We’ve developed a comprehensive pathway that helps salons and spas reduce their footprint, and create business value at the same time. Our program ensures that hair, foils, color tubes, plastics, papers, and excess color, and many other materials get diverted out of the waste stream.”

Julia Grace Salon recycles used foils, extra color and hair clippings through GCS. The waste is collected in separate bins and shipped out to a GCS center in Shullsburg, IL for sorting.

What does GCS do with all that waste?

Hair clippings are used in hair booms to clean up oil spills and foils are cleaned and broken down to make new foils or color tubes, to name a couple.

It’s not just salons that participate in the initiative. Redken, Matrix, Loreal, Davines, Pureology and Goldwell are just a few of the beauty brands that partner with Green Circle Salons.

Imagine if we all just believe and act on the things we know.
If we’re honest about how our actions have consequences on people and the planet.
Imagine then, the differences we can make together. Today, undoubtedly, climate change is the challenge of our time. We recognize that environmental issues are not just a series of isolated events like deforestation, the landfill crises or air pollution. We are beginning to understand that environmental problems affect our economics, our social structure, and the health and well being of humanity as a whole
– Green Circle Salons