Keep Your Nails Looking Healthy

Take a good look at your nails. How would you describe them?
Are they long, strong, and shiny, or do they tend to bend and break?
Maybe you have more hangnails and jagged edges than you would like.
Read through these helpful tips and see what you can do to get those nails in great shape.

Vitamins play a big role in keeping your nails (and hair!) healthy. Biotin helps the body properly use fats and amino acids which help prevent brittle nails.
You can use the liquid from Vitamin E (an antioxidant) gel capsules on your nails and cuticles.

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Make sure to wear gloves when using household cleaning products.
Many cleaning products have harsh ingredients like ammonia. Even the gentle natural cleaning agents like Borax are still drying to your nail bed.

Did you know that water can actually weaken your nails? Your nails are porous and have the ability to absorb water. After long exposure to water, make sure to allow time for your nails to dry out before doing any activities that could cause your nails to break. If you work at a job where you are required to frequently wash your hands, try applying nail strengtheners like OPI’s Nail Envy.
Nail strengtheners will prevent your nails from absorbing excess moisture.

Gloving up during colder weather not only keeps you warm, but also keeps your nails from drying out. Colder temperatures tend to drain moisture out of your nails leaving them more vulnerable to breakage.

Weekly nail maintenance is a must for healthy nails. This includes filing your length and pushing back cuticles. Keeping your nails shaped and filing regularly will help reduce breakage by removing any weak areas on your tips. By pushing back cuticles weekly you are allowing your nails to look longer and preventing hangnails.

Biting nails or cleaning out too deeply underneath the nail can weaken the corners leaving the nails prone to tearing.

Pamper your cuticle area daily with a little cuticle cream or oil and a nice massage.
The actual nail forms just below the cuticle, and when you massage the cuticle you bring blood into that area of the nail which promotes healthier nail growth.

Keep a nail file handy at your work desk or in your purse. You never know when you’ll get a catch or break in your nail. Being able to smooth it out right away will allow for less damage to be done to your nail. Be conscious of how you use your hands and fingers. Never use your fingernails like a tool to open boxes or peel stickers.
Doing these activities can really wear on your free edge making it more prone to breaking.

Keeping your nails polished is a great way to strengthen them. Never skip out on a base and top coat when polishing; it will not only help your polish look better and last longer,
but it also will help protect your nail. If your polish starts chipping, try to remove it immediately. This will prevent you from picking or peeling off your polish which in turn can also weaken your nails.