Nutrients for Healthy Hair

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Your hair says a lot about you and if
you’re not getting the right nutrients,
your hair will tell you.

Everyone needs a balanced diet to stay healthy,
but Protein, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin C and Biotin are the top five essential nutrients for
hair and skin health. Make sure to stock up on these nutrients to keep your
mane long, strong and shiny.



salmonProtein: Protein is essential for proper growth and function of the body.
Hair is mostly protein, so it needs protein to grow! Some foods that are big
in protein are seafood, eggs, beans and dairy. Try not to replace too many carbohydrates
with proteins (like with the Atkins diet), though,
or you are at risk of muscle breakdown.




spinachIron: Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen throughout our body.
Iron deficiency can lead to anemia. Foods rich in iron include mollusks,
spinach, and beef or chicken liver. Avoid eating calcium-rich foods with these,
as it can hinder the absorption of iron.




pumpkinseedsZinc: Zinc helps to balance blood sugar and is important in tissue
growth and repair. Deficiency in zinc can cause hair loss. Zinc is naturally found
in foods like seafood, wheat germ, spinach and pumpkin seeds. A metallic, bitter taste in the
mouth is indicative of zinc toxicity.




strawberriesVitamin C: Vitamin C is important for the growth and repair of tissues
and is used to form collagen and aid in the absorption of iron. Great sources of Vitamin C are
fresh fruits and vegetables like spinach, bell peppers, strawberries and oranges. Make sure your
fruits are ripe, as that’s when the vitamin c is at its highest.




Biotin: eggsBiotin is necessary for cell growth and formation of fatty
acids and glucose. Biotin is naturally found in foods like Swiss chard, carrots
and eggs. While Biotin supplements are available, a healthy diet
contains the recommended amount.




While these nutrients are an important part of keeping your hair healthy,
make sure your diet is well rounded. Include a variety of foods from the major food groups:
vegetables, fruits, dairy, whole grains, protein, nuts and healthy fats.
Not only will your hair look great, you will look and feel great!