Why Use a Deep Conditioner?

We all have seen the TV commercials during our favorite shows posing questions like:
“Feeling dull? Dry, brittle, lifeless hair weighing you down?” Then you see the model shaking her luxurious, shiny, eight-foot-long locks on the screen. You start questioning yourself, wondering if your hair could look shinier, feel healthier. It sure can when you use a deep conditioner!

Deep conditioners are a means to rebuilding the health of your hair and are essential to soft, shiny hair. A deep conditioner is a product specifically designed penetrate deeper into the hair and help repair and hydrate it. Hair is made up of two mane (pun intended) components;
moisture and protein. Some hair types have more of one than the other. In most cases naturally curly hair lacks moisture and has a thicker cuticle layer. This causes naturally curly hair to look duller and leaves it prone to feeling brittle. Finer hair types suffer from a lack of protein, leaving their hair more open to breakage. To what do we blame these imbalances? Genetics.
Your genes determine whether your hair is fine, curly, brown or blonde, has lots of or lacks volume. Thanks mom and dad!

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On top of your natural hair type, other factors come into play. Do you color, highlight, blow dry, or flatiron your hair? These different factors can play a big role in how your hair looks and feels. Then you have the environmental factors. Sun has a natural lightening effect on your hair which can leave it more porous.
Ever wonder why your hair has so much static in winter? The cold of winter has an amazing ability of sucking the moisture right out of your hair. Combine that with how much we run our furnaces, and it’s the perfect storm for dry hair.

Deep conditioners are best used weekly. Use a gentle clarifying shampoo to help remove any product build-up to ensure that you reap the maximum benefits of your deep conditioner. After rinsing your clarifying shampoo, make sure to squeeze excess water out of your hair so your deep conditioner can penetrate deep enough. Apply your deep conditioner starting at your mid-lengths and ends first. The amount will vary on your
density and length of hair. Most deep conditioners need to remain on the hair between 5 and 10 minutes.
After rinsing out the deep conditioner there is no need to use your regular conditioner; however, there is no harm in it either.

So next time you’re in the salon, pick up a deep conditioner like Pureology’s Hydra Whip.
It won’t give you eight-foot-long model hair, but it will help get you that luxurious, shiny hair she has!