Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions are an extension method created by Danielle White of DKWStyling, out of Laguna Beach California. Danielle was on a quest to find a comfortable, natural looking way to apply extensions, while leaving the least amount of opportunity to cause damage to the hair. She was trained on over 11 different methods that have been in our industry for years, and wasn’t satisfied with what companies were offering. She spent hours of trial and error to help stylists around the country bring their hair extension guests the best ‘stylist-driven’ hair extension method.

“I was scanning YouTube to find some balayage videos and landed on Danielle’s videos about extensions. At the time I was offering micro beaded and tape-in hair extensions, but I couldn’t help being incredibly intrigued by her method and how they looked in the hair. I was obsessed with finding out her secret. I started training on her online module, and started with a few close friends. From there things just took off. What makes the Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions such a success is the fact that it is the total package. We start the process with an extensive consultation: we go over pricing, length verse fullness that you are looking to achieve, and color.

Once you place your deposit, we set your appointment and order your hair. When you come in for your appointment we color your hair and then custom color the extensions to match. Next we install and cut the extensions to blend. Finally, I style them and then go over styling tips for you at home. I am so confident in my ability to create a great hair extension process for you that I never feel the need to pressure anyone into getting them done. Hair extensions are an investment, and I want to ensure that you will have the best experience possible.” -Amanda Kaiser

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