Hair Extensions

Hair extensions serve two main purposes:

Add fullness to existing hair.

Maybe you have long hair, but have never had the ability to have full voluminous hair. Hair extensions can help you achieve that extra fullness. Sometimes woman go through hair loss due to stress or post pregnancy hormones; if this is your case you may be a great candidate. Another great use of hair extensions is for anyone who has long hair, but can’t get the sides to grow in.

Add length to existing hair.

Maybe you are struggling through a grow out phase or have a major event coming up. Or you could just look in the mirror one day and decide you want something different, but don’t want to cut your hair.

Hair Extensions are a great way to change up a look and get instant noticeable results.

How is the hair applied?

At Julia Grace Salon, our Extension Specialist has researched many of the different methods. We chose to use a NATURAL BEAD IN ROW method and a TAPE-IN method.


Because no two heads are alike and every situation can vary. As professionals, we recognize that hair extensions are not just a “one size fits all.” We have gone ahead and weeded out methods that we feel are not the best for the health of the hair. We choose these two methods because when they are applied properly by a well-trained hair extensions specialist we know your results will be flawless and leave your hair in great condition.


First, we start with great quality hand-tied hair and work with a local distributor to ensure that the quality we are offering is always the best. What makes our NATURAL BEAD IN ROW method different is the position in which it is put in the hair. For trade secrets reasons, we feel comfortable sharing that with you at your consultation. We also custom color the hair extensions if needed. NATURAL BEAD IN ROWs are just that: Natural. They flow easily with your hair to reduce the amount of friction on your hair.

What are TAPE-INS?

The TAPE-INS we offer use a medical grade tape that comfortably allows the hair extension to be attached to your head and still have flexibility. When we remove your TAPE-IN hair extensions we use a special oil based remover that doesn’t dry out the hair.

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