Natural Beaded Rows Extension Method

Beauty Mark’s Opinion of Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions

As I (Amanda K.) was searching the internet to do some research on the method of hair extensions I offer, I came across this post. The ladies of Beauty Mark Blog gave their review of the Natural Beaded Row hair extension method.

It is so great to see a consumer’s perspective on how they felt about the placement of this type of hair extension method. This article reminded me of all the positive feedback my own extension clients have given me since I have switched them over. Persuading clients to switch something as big as their hair extension can be a little nerve-racking. I am so thankful for my clients I have who were willing to put their faith in me and join me in the journey of learning this method. Their feedback and patience has been well worth the conversion. All my hair extension clients who wear the natural beaded row method tell me how much easier it is to care for the hair.

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I hear all kinds of comments like,
“I don’t have to be embarrassed that I might lose an individual strand during a business meeting!” or,
“These hair extensions blend so much better than any other type I have tried!” and,
“I can’t believe how light this type of hair extension feels in my hair!”
All of these positive reviews leave me to believe that I chose right in deciding to learn and offer Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions.

Click on the link here to see what Beauty Mark had to say.